A Patch of Fog”

Director: Michael Lennox

Duration: 1hr 32mins

Language: English

Starring: Stephen Graham, Conleth Hill, Lara Pulver

Time: 8.00pm

Location: Fermanagh House


A security guard catches a famous writer/television host shoplifting and blackmails him into becoming friends.

Game of Thrones' Conleth Hill plays Sandy Duffy, a self-satisfied grump who is content to live well on the proceeds of his single novel (also called A Patch of Fog) while flapping his yap on a late-night TV arts programme and conducting an affair with the slinky host of the show (Lara Pulver). He is also a compulsive shoplifter and is detained by an affably creepy store detective played by Stephen Graham, who then has a purchase on his life. Graham first browbeats and then pals up with the novelist: in the time-honoured manner of movie stalkers, he calmly insinuates himself into his target's life, showing up at his lectures, dragging him out to the pub, insisting on accompanying him to exhibitions. Afraid to call the police, Duffy goes along with it all but his resentment gradually builds to the point where an explosion is inevitable..

IMDB Link (7.0/10)

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There is a Q &A session session with the screenwriter