The Drummer and The Keeper



Director:           Nick Kelly

Duration:          1hr 34 mins

Language:        Ireland | English

Starring:           Dermot Murphy, Jacob McCarthy, Peter Coonan

Time:               8.00pm

Location:          Fermanagh House



An unlikely friendship develops between the bipolar drummer of a rock band and an institutionalized teen suffering from Asperger's syndrome..




Gabriel is exhibiting destructive – occasionally pyromaniacal – behaviour as he fails to cope with the death of his mother. The authorities recommend that he take up football as occupational therapy. On his first day at the pitch, he encounters Christopher, waiting obsessively in the goalmouth. The younger man takes to the grumpy musician and, eventually, ends up working as roadie for the band. Like many people with Asperger syndrome, he has an interest in order and works hard to ensure the instruments are always in the right spot and are properly tuned...



IMDB   Link (7.1/10)

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