IMG_2391The next film recommendation as part of Ardhowen Theatre’s ‘Intermission’ programme is ‘Leviathan’.

‘Leviathan’, was the Golden Globe foreign language winner for 2014. Set on the northwest Russian coast, it is a powerful tale of the little man fighting Town Hall, as the central character tries to hold on to his ramshackle repair garage, while the local mayor attempts to seize the site.

Not always an easy watch, the stunning landscape photography and episodic dark humour provide balance for the frustrating, almost Kafkaesque navigation through the corrupt legal system. The story gives a worthwhile insight into the harsh reality of life and local politics in Russia and concludes in a way that underlines the contradictions in that enigmatic country.

One thought on “Leviathan

  1. Smashing film, by a wonderful director who has made several great films, such as The Return & Banishment.
    Catch it if you can


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