3:10 to Yuma


‘3:10 to Yuma’ is the 2007 remake of a Glenn Ford western made 50 years previously. Christian Bale plays an impoverished small-town rancher who volunteers as escort for the outlaw leader, played by Russell Crowe, to ensure he catches the train to face trial in Yuma, knowing the rest of the gang are intent on preventing this.

So far, so predictable and the film does contain all the elements of a traditional western, but while there is more than a nod to High Noon, the standard of acting, character interplay and intelligent direction raise this to a very different level. The comparison and contrast of morality and personality between the two central characters make this something that can be enjoyed even by an audience with no interest in the genre. The marvellous cinematography and the quality of story, by Elmore Leonard, ensure first-class entertainment.

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